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Come and see the Deben Lugger and Roach Dinghy at the Southampton Boat Show on Stand AO55, between the 16th - 25th September 2016.

Please note our offices at Rougham will be closed for this period.


Hello and welcome to Anglia Yacht Brokerage. We are a small sailing boat builders who specialise in the marketing and refurbishing of traditional types of sailing boats including day-sailors and weekenders. Covering - spares, accessories, trailers, engines, marine insurance, storage and transport. We always have a good selection of used Cornish Crabbers/Shrimpers, Drascombes, and similar in stock for purchase.


Deben Lugger

Since 2007 we have been builders of the Deben Lugger and Roach Dinghy. The Deben Lugger is a 18' easily managed by one, Trailer Sailor, Camping/picnicking boat and capable of taking up to six people.

The Roach Dinghy is a 10' clinker style sailing dinghy/tender. The mould was taken off a 1920's wooden Clinker and still shows the nail marks and the character of the original. She is ideal for pottering around estuaries and creeks or for teaching/learning to sail. Both boats have very manageable and efficient balanced lug rigs.


Please contact us if you would like to arrange a test sail?


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The online brokerage listing still contains all the detailed specification sheets but in a slightly new style. If you are looking to sell your boat then please give us a call. It should soon be even easier to start the sales process by downloading a form that you can fill-in and fax-back to us.


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